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Using our easily customizable courses, we organize an IT Training program for any development or programming group whether you need the latest in a full stack technology or a New Hire Program in several locations.

We deliver training in over 26 countries and are accustomed to audiences with a wide cultural and educational background, from end user to the experienced engineer to an executive director.

Success Story

Finance Developing a new-hire custom design program
  • A major financial institution had a need for a new-hire program.
  • Over 400 college graduates participated in a custom design program that concluded with a full java stack development application that tracked stock and bond purchases. The students worked in DevOps groups and for the first time were exposed to Bitbucket, security protocols and testing methodologies.
  • This successful program is now being rolled out in multiple sites throughout their international markets.
Private Utility Corporation Utility re-skilling mainframe programming team
  • A utility company needed to re-skill 200 mainframe programmers to develop web-based and
    mobile device customer access systems.
  • We led a training program that taught them the means to develop a Microservice system that could be leveraged through their entire enterprise.
  • This successfull traing program led do the company saving $325,000 / month.
US Defense Department Linux and Security Training in Department of Defense Systems
  • Multiple Armed Services in the US were charged with mandating certification in Linux and Security that ran several weapons systems.
  • We trained over 2,500 technicians in multiple levels of Linux from end-user to System Security Administrator in 12 bases throughout the world.
  • Multiple locations received the appropriate operating certifications on time and within budget.

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