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Unmatched Process Optimization: Power up Your Service Management

In today’s fast-paced IT landscape, the pressure is on for departments to drive down costs, optimize infrastructure management, and foster innovation. NLB Tech’s team of ServiceNow experts not only grasps your operational intricacies but also tailors ServiceNow’s Professional Services to precisely meet your unique business requirements.

With a wealth of experience spanning decades, NLB Tech has honed its expertise in catering to the needs of both large enterprises and mid-sized businesses. We possess a deep understanding of enterprise systems, the challenges they present, and the paramount importance of efficient IT services. Our mission is to guide you through your IT transformation journey by streamlining processes, automating ITSM relationships, evaluating effectiveness, and delivering services with full transparency.

Furthermore, NLB Tech stands as a distinguished ServiceNow Registered Partner, boasting Consultants who specialize in harnessing the power of TOGAF and IT4IT frameworks. From implementing ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to orchestrating Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD), Enterprise Service Management (ESM), Customer Service Management (CSM), and Enterprise IT Operations Management (ITOM), we leverage our profound business and technical acumen to optimize your ServiceNow investment. Additionally, we excel in building custom apps on the ServiceNow platform, ensuring a tailored approach to your specific needs.

Moreover, NLB Tech extends its expertise to empower Employee Workflows Technology Workflows and Customer Workflows, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced experiences. Our comprehensive Platform Support services guarantee smooth functioning and reliability, while our Industry Solutions cater to the unique demands of various sectors, ensuring that your IT infrastructure aligns perfectly with your industry requirements. Let NLB Tech be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of modern IT, driving efficiency, innovation, and transformative success every step of the way.
An ISO 14001:2015 Certified Company

SIA Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms 2022

The Happy Workplaces Award 2023

D&I Pioneering Initiative Award
Member of NASSCOM
Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America 2021

5 Reasons you should be with us NLB Services


TOGAF and IT4IT based Implementations

We echo Servicenow’s approach and are supporting the adoption TOGAF and IT4IT to ensure seamless workflows there by enabling awesome employee and customer experience


Maturity Assessments

We not only Implement the workflows, we also cater to the maturity of the platform and the instance to ensure you get the best out of servicenow


High Velocity Automations

Our Consultants enable your organization towards agility by recommending and implementing complex automations to optimize the cost and thereby enhancing success


Upgrades and Maintenance

We adhere to ServiceNow Best Practices, ensuring you maximize the benefits of the platform. Our Multi-Version Roadmap approach is pivotal for success.


Industry Solutions and Custom Applications

Our team specializes in both intricate customizations and seamless industry solutions. We transform manual activities into automated events by integrating them into streamlined workflows.

Our Solutions for All Your Workflow Problems


Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Interactions, Touch Points and Automate Manual Activities for better Customer Experience.

Portal, Intranet & Mobile

Enhance the availability of Touch points across work flows, thereby reducing the time taken and the efforts needed thereby allowing both customers and employees to stay connected.

Employee Experience

Enhance Employee Work flows, Interactions and the Employee Journey for better productivity.

Platform & Integrations

Reduce Technical Debt and Adapt New Technologies for better Value from using ServiceNow.

Technology Excellence

Improve Work flows, Integrate Enterprise Applications and Automate Technologies for Seamless Uptimes, there by improving business value.

Security, Risk & Resilience

Reduce Risk, Increase Resilience and Information Security thereby creating Safe Digital connectivities and secured gateways for digital information across your employees and customers.


Ideas to initiatives to outcomes – we embrace change and transformation to be the only constants


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