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NLB is helping enterprises unlock growth opportunities by building a scalable Enterprise Data Ecosystem. We bring industry tested “accelerators” to the table that speed up your data monetization. Our suite of Data Analytics and Engineering solutions include:
  • Organizing structured and unstructured data from disparate sources like legacy systems, IoT devices, ecommerce platforms; cleansing and transforming the data to build a reliable data pipeline
  • Applying analytical tools and technology accelerators to generate insights that enable faster decision-making and generate business value. We blend intelligent modelling, artificial intelligence and machine learning across different stages of data management lifecycle to lower cost-per-insight and shorten time-to-value that help enterprises redefine business strategy and drive rapid growth

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How We Provide A Competitive Edge To Our Clients

Industry and process specific accelerators for rapid analytical model implementation
Industry and process specific accelerators for rapid analytical model implementation
Outcome based engagement model
Outcome based engagement model
Latest AI and deep learning technologies
Latest AI and deep learning technologies being prototyped in our “Digital Lab”
Team experienced of Data Architects
In-house team of experienced Data Architects, Analysts, Engineers and Data Scientists

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We power our clients with agile deployment of talent and technology


Ideas to initiatives to outcomes – we embrace change and transformation to be the only constants

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