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Unparalleled Sourcing & Procurement: Enhance your Supply Chain Visibility

The strategic partnership between NLB Services & SAP Ariba enables businesses to leverage expertise-driven capabilities, simplifying the entire procurement cycle. With technologically-advanced tools and cutting-edge software support, NLB Services simplifies the sourcing and procurement workflow through the power-packed product suite of SAP Ariba. From providing enhanced supply chain visibility to mitigating process redundancy, the alliance is created to boost the operational capabilities of businesses across the globe.

Video Proctored Test to prevent fraudulent practices

Power Resume of the candidates along with their test scores

Assessments under 8 mins help increase the adoption of candidates

Ability to create personalized Talent Communities for the recruiters

ClearedTalent is helping international companies create a next-gen workforce. It also allows contenders to get pre-screened and avoid multiple rounds of interviews.


Boost your brand’s ability to manage the entire sourcing process with planned contracting and spending through a single platform. NLB Services enables you to thoroughly leverage the sourcing solutions of SAP Ariba with a fully-centralized and integrated approach. Meet the unique needs of your business by picking out the best-value sourcing arrangements.

Establish highly-collaborative bonds with the suppliers while detecting the best-value supplier agreement in one place. We help our customers utilize the handy SAP Ariba Supplier Management portfolio to allocate their savings wisely. The unified view of supplier information gives businesses end-to-end control to manage suppliers, from their onboarding to segmentation and execution management.

Mitigate the chances of manual errors in the procurement process by automating the entire experience with highly-integrated and intelligent tech support. We at NLB Services help our customers realize the importance of purchase management by enabling them to leverage the procurement functionalities of SAP Ariba, minimizing process wastage and maximizing resource utilization.

Turn your SAP Ariba investment into an opportunity by leveraging our capabilities. Our connected support enables you to collaborate with suppliers through the reliable platform of SAP Ariba and manage your business transactions, Purchase Orders (POs), Invoices, and more. While you direct your key business activities, we help you understand and leverage the supplier portal of SAP Ariba and take your business to new heights.



Spend Analysis




Contract Management


Supplier Lifecycle & Performance


Buying & Invoicing

Supplier Collaboration

Supplier Collaboration

SAP Ariba enables you to keep up with your dynamic sourcing needs

SAP Ariba is transparent, thrifty and highly responsive

Build a change-ready sourcing strategy with SAP Ariba today!

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