Innovating Insurance Impact

Leverage disruption to drive actuarial transformation


Reimagine insurance strategies for success, resilience, and sustainability

The complexity of mitigating risks and building insurance resilience demands sophisticated solutions in alignment with rapid digital transformation. Driving insurance excellence through cutting-edge technology and expertise is at the core of all we do at NLB InsurTech. Discover innovative tools and support to glide through the dynamic insurance landscape.


We offer a range of solutions to businesses operating in the insurance domain. Our key services include:
– Rating-As-A-Service
– Advanced Analytics & MLOps
– Deep Insurance Industry Talent Pipeline On-Demand

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do at NLB Services. Our Rating Modernization and Actuarial Transformation solutions are backed by cutting-edge technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

What makes us an industry-leading insurance solutions provider is our reliance on dynamic and data-driven processes. We offer tailored solutions that enable businesses to efficiently assess risks, optimize pricing strategies, improve customer experiences, and more.