Bridge The Gap

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A small step in the right direction. A step to address gaps and then power indigenous solutions to bridge them. It’s what makes the world and workplace a more just place.

Powered by a simple idea. Executed by the belief of our people.

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Setting The Trend

A Brand Promise

Between aspiring and achieving, dreaming and doing, struggling and succeeding, challenges are strewn across every trail that leads to fulfillment. From the gender gap, age gap, pay gap, skills gap, and diversity gap to the digital gap, the obstacles are never-ending. But what if we told you that they are just opportunities in disguise? No matter how big the gaps are, our goals are bigger. And it’s time we closed them and mapped out a smooth journey for ourselves. We, hereby, welcome you to join NLB Services on its mission to #BridgeTheGap that stands in your way to greatness.

Making An

Our first-ever hackathon for women in tech sought to bridge the wide gender gap in the STEM workforce. Through this challenge, open only for women, we were able to provide work opportunities to 120+ women coders in early 2022.
The female-to-male ratio within the NLB Services team was 27:73 in 2016-2017, which has grown into a workforce consisting of 46% women by 2022. Additionally, a diverse team of professionals – 50% at entry level, 36% at mid-level, and 14% at lateral level – come together to build our global team.
As a minority-owned business, creating an equitable entrepreneurial environment is one of our key goals. Our membership at the Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) enables us to create more opportunities for M/WBEs to become joint venture entities, subcontractors, vendors, and customers of NLB Services.
Bridging the digital divide is crucial to building future-ready businesses that can sail through their transformative goals. We are proud partners of more than 45 enterprises that leverage our Digital Lab for cutting-edge cloud, analytics, and process automation initiatives to make their digital journey smooth and seamless.
The lack of required skills can be taxing for any organization. We have empowered numerous employers to close the skill gaps by providing a readily deployable workforce through our learning solutions. With the help of our 200+ expert global community, 1,200+ industry consultants, 200,000+ vetted resources, and advanced technology, we’re always prepared to bridge any skills gap.

Celebrating The Spirit