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Overview of NLB Services' Talent Solutions

Organizations nowadays espouse talent management solutions companies for talent deployment solutions. Such talent solutions recruitment companies are designed to execute vital functions in a progressive HR strategy of the organization. NLB Services is a digital talent management agency that provides solutions to national and global players.

Our Talent Solutions At A Glimpse

Discover, Assess & Onboard the best pool of talents with intuitive recruitment solutions

Companies today are better aware than ever of the trends and best practices that can help them thrive and succeed in their respective sectors. The right talent is on the top of the wishlist for many companies and for the right reasons. No matter how elusive it is to find the best-fit talent for your company, with our data-driven algorithms and experienced recruitment experts, you eliminate the burden of finding the right staff.  Set yourself free from the conventional old strategies and head-hunting. NLB Services provides the scope of recruitment solutions in contractual or direct-hire staffing for Information Technology (IT), Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Aviation, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Pharma, Telecom Shipping, Transportation and Logistics.

NLB Services empowers organizations in all sectors with advanced recruitment solutions powered by automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our dedicated professionals make sure to provide you the right people, for your organization with the motto of establishing long-term relationships with precision and pinpointing accuracy.

Industries We Specialize In Talent Solutions Recruitment

NLB Services is a staffing solutions company founded with a vision to help businesses to recruit the next-gen workforce and stay one step ahead in the fast-changing world.

With cloud optimization, we leverage our expertise and solutions to build a strong cloud foundation for digital transformations in industries like IT, manufacturing, nursing, healthcare, pharma, logistics and supply chain to maximize return on your investments.

We have automation & AI-based solutions for accelerated recruitment services that enable businesses across the globe to eliminate manual errors in fulfilling their recruitment goals. Our hiring strategies are spearheaded by trained and qualified recruiters who have proven their mettle in recruitment solutions tailored for clients’ needs.

Our Unique and Proven Talent Solution Process

We power our clients with agile deployment of talent and technology

We power our clients with agile deployment strategies driven by AI and technology

Recruitment agencies or talent solutions RPO act as the bridge between employers and employees by handling the tasks of identifying top talents, vetting candidates, and presenting the most suitable candidates to clients. Team NLB services is one of the talent solutions companies that place emphasis on finding appropriate talent for vacant positions.

We are a global business digital talent management agency that delivers deep expertise through a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration with clients for recruitment solutions. We help you confidently address the recruitment challenges through our team of experts and technology.

We've got your back for resource challenges in all your businessess

Whether you need one candidate or a team, we fulfil your workforce requirement in information & technology, healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, finance, logistics & supply chain and other fields. Our talent solutions recruitment specialists can swiftly find contract and permanent talent per your requirements. 

Our recruitment specialists blend their experience with AI-based technology to meet clients’ hiring expectations. 

Results matter, and so does your time. Let us help you build a productive, engaged workforce that will help keep your company moving onwards and upwards. 

Industry Recognition

D&I Pioneering Initiative Award
Service Organization of the Year – 2022
Member of NASSCOM

GOLD GLOBEE® WINNER in Talent Management Solutions

Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America 2021
Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America 2021

Our Global Footprint

We are a global team of culturally diverse people who collaborate to drive scalability, innovation and success for our clients.

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50+ Fortune
1000 clients
Skilled Professionals
Skilled Professionals
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Global Locations
Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia
Headquartered in
Atlanta, Georgia

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