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The offshore model for global enterprises has taken on a highly evolutionary tangent. Where once these overseas operational units worked in a back-office capacity, the table has turned, unleashing tremendous potential for capabilities. Ranging across innovation, talent, diversity, scalability, and global expansion, Global Captive Centers (GCCs) are looking beyond the horizon to leverage the right resources at the right time.

With extensive experience spanning diverse industries like retail, banking, insurance, travel, and healthcare, NLB Services enables Global Captive Centers to achieve business excellence through seamless end-to-end solutions, no matter which stage they are in.

Streamlining Global Resilience

From sourcing to onboarding and retaining, NLB Services brings end-to-end staffing solutions to streamline all your workforce needs. Leverage cutting-edge technology and expert insights to assemble your dream team with solutions tailored to your talent vision.
Our wide cache of advanced technologies and tools is primed to preempt, prevent, and placate industry-spanning enterprise challenges. Rooted in a robust prototyping methodology and ‘proof-of-concept’ development process, our innovative solutions add the right edge to problem-solving.
Equipped with a global team possessing years of expertise and innovative tools in cloud computing, AI/ML, Data Science, and more, NLB Services is the one-stop solution for strategic collaborations. Join hands with industry pioneers to overcome challenges across HR, Legal and Compliance, Operational Support, Finance and Accounting, Employer Branding, and a wide range of domains.
Design and execute intricate Knowledge Transition (KT) initiatives seamlessly. Leverage our transition toolkits encompassing checklists, essential information systems, and processes to optimize your knowledge transfer mechanism across divisions.
State-of-the-art office premises for innovation and collaboration. Defined by their meticulous design and infrastructure, our workspaces offer conducive environments with seamless integration of high-speed internet connectivity, AV gear, and IT mechanisms that resonate with your organization’s ethos.
  • Financial Planning & Taxation

Meticulously designed for global captive centers, we extend strategic support across the financial spectrum to optimize strategies and add fiscal resilience to an enterprise.

  • Marketing & Branding

From business branding to employer branding, we leverage market insights and innovative tools to create a global presence that perfectly aligns with specific business vision, values, and goals.

  • Training & Development for Employees

Upskilling opportunities, up-to-date courseware & curriculum, virtual training platforms, and more solutions geared towards building a future-proof workforce across industries.

  • Organization Designing

Optimizing structures and processes across global organizations to align them with the business strategy through tried and tested industry expertise in a number of geographies.

  • Market Research & Analysis

We enable organizations to stay up-to-speed through constant research in areas like Compensation Benchmarking, Designation Standardization, and Competition Mapping for competitive advantage.

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Global Capability Expertise Across Industries

Learn more about our end-to-end services for Global Capability Centers

Global Capability Expertise Across Industries

Learn more about our end-to-end services for Global Capability Centers

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