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Delivering accelerated performance & long-term value via an agile and flexible capability augmentation framework

Fluctuating resource requirements due to inherent uncertainty of the drug development process has led to the pharmaceutical industry’s interest in staff augmentation. Actu-Real and NLB Services offer agile staff augmentation solutions in clinical development, real world evidence and related areas by leveraging Actu-Real’s industry knowledge and domain strength, in combination with NLB’s scalable organic recruitment engine and differentiated talent solutions technologies. The technology platform enables Actu-Real to have a vetted talent pool at all times and thereby reduce the recruitment timelines.

Actu-Real provides capability augmentation solutions either in an in-sourced model or as managed capability augmentation (functional service provider – FSP), as well as any hybrid arrangements that a client may prefer. The roles in scope are Biostatisticians, SAS Programmers, Data managers, Real world data analysts, Data sciences/AI/ML experts, medical writers, clinical data coordinators, contracts and payment specialists operations, as well as other related roles.

Video Proctored Test to prevent fraudulent practices

Power Resume of the candidates along with their test scores

Assessments under 8 mins help increase the adoption of candidates

Ability to create personalized Talent Communities for the recruiters

ClearedTalent is helping international companies create a next-gen workforce. It also allows contenders to get pre-screened and avoid multiple rounds of interviews.


  • Actu-Real management will take a more active role, manage the metrics, ensuring quality and providing oversight
  • Actu-Real will provide FTEs
  • Clients will manage FTEs; provide oversight
  • Clients will have ownership of productivity and quality goals
  • FTEs will work as an extension of client’s team, using client SOPs, systems and processes
  • Our FSP models are designed to meet the ever evolving outsourcing needs of clients and adapt to their pipelines. Actu-Real has the flexibility to calibrate its involvement, oversight & accountability in the FSP models to suit the client’s requirements. Actu-Real offers enhanced functional expertise, resource and project management capabilities along with a robust technology platform.



Deep domain expertise


Rich experience in capability augmentation services


Access to global talent pool


Industry’s largest organic recruitment engine


Flexible and customer-centric engagement models

Life Sciences Expertise

Life Sciences Expertise

Agile and flexible capability augmentation framework that delivers accelerated performance and long-term value

Client Success Stories

We power our clients with agile deployment of talent and technology


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