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Security roles continue to be in extremely high demand and straddle with Digital, due to their strong overlap with Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Social Media technologies. They have led to the emergence and definition of more niche and specialized positions than generic roles such as Security Analysts or Auditors,[...]

A guide to moving forward with the impact of the US Supreme Court's decision in Wayfair. We're largely all in the same boat on this one, we know something big will happen as a function of overturning a 50 year old precedent defining the rules of engagement on sales tax, but[...]

We are pleased to announce our participation as one of the Silver sponsors in the MAPR’s Convergence Atlanta and New York conferences. The conferences are scheduled on August 23 in Atlanta and September 20 in New York. About Convergence A full-day seminar on Big Data that focuses on busting through myths[...]

Local and central governments of the world continue to rely on indirect tax as an important source of revenue.  They continually change their indirect tax structures and tax rates to adapt to their changing local economies and fiscal demands.  As a result taxpayers continue to invest substantial resource into maintaining tax compliance and incur substantial[...]

Disclosure|Crypto-Mining According to recent security intelligence research, reported data breaches have been reducing over the past few years. This includes attack avenues such as tax phishing attempts for W-2 form data. However, the time taken for disclosure of a breach remains a significant challenge for organizations, especially in light of the upcoming data privacy regulations[...]

We are proud to be part of the “Disruptive Technologies: Implications for Global Workforce and Markets” seminar at Georgia Tech on April 4th 2018. The seminar, organized by Georgia Tech and UIBS, hosted three thought provoking panel discussions on disruptive technologies. Arvind Benegal (Benny), NLB’s Digital & Security Practice Leader moderated[...]

Social media, data analytics and security can work effectively in concert to predict threats and mitigate risks. As we know from recent political and other news events, social media has become a very influential repository of data. If this data can be analyzed to predict security threats, then it is likely[...]

A number of large companies have initiated major ERP overhaul such as upgrading from SAP ECC to S4 HANA. During such an upgrade, each company needs to ensure that their tax engine integration and functionality are working as expected. For example, for a S4 HANA upgrade project for a company using as Thomson Reuters OneSource[...]

My previous blog described the security vulnerability challenges that enterprises face and why they have exacerbated over a period of time. Here, we describe how one can definitively mitigate those risks and tackle impending threats head-on. A unique approach is required that maps all the vulnerability paths through networks by correlating, aggregating, normalizing, and fusing[...]

Most organizations have NOT automated their Security assessments. Unless one relies on playing “whack-a-mole” using one's log manager, assessments are where remediation planning begins. Without automation, one's planning process is delayed and the overall security may be compromised. Here are five reasons why you should automate your security control assessments: Security threats are materializing at an accelerated[...]