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NLB Services proud to attend the 2018 Bowers Pharmaceutical Conference. We look forward to meeting you at the conference. About NLB Services As a fast growing consulting, technology and business process services company, NLB Services has helped companies embrace process and digital transformation since its inception in 2007. NLB Services not only[...]

Agile has definitely replaced the Waterfall methodology. Good Agile is about constantly delivering actual tangible and incremental business value in every Sprint.  Which is why the biggest strength of Agile is the ability to get feedback earlier, change plans (if required) earlier, continuously and immediately reduce the surface risk to deadline ratio, and[...]

NLB Services is looking forward to the Vertex Exchange 2018 conference next week in Hollywood, Florida.  NLB Services is a proud sponsor of Vertex Exchange and is a tax technology partner of Vertex. Vertex Exchange is an opportunity for tax professionals from around the world to discuss all of their challenges[...]

NLB Services wants to thank everyone for the great insights and conversation at the Armstrong 3PL North America Summit last week in Chicago.  We learned a great deal about the trends, opportunities and challenges facing the global 3PL industry. Attendees agreed that NLB Services has offerings that can help them reduce[...]

Software Development Management Consulting (SDMC) is a tricky area of business, which isn’t what it appears to be on the surface, unless one is aware of what one is going to be up against. Projects can turn out to be failures. One needs to work with professionals who understand that making[...]

An effective logistics and supply chain management is key to improving both efficiency as well as profitability of any business, regardless of its size. There is no denying that it has become a priority for a company that’s looking to succeed. Some of the most identifiable pain-points include fuel costs, lack[...]

We are pleased to announce our participation in the 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2018 hosted by Armstrong & Associates, Inc., as a Silver Sponsor. This year’s annual conference has been scheduled for October 16-18, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. About 3PL Value Creation North America Summit The 3PL Value Creation[...]

It is a given that enterprises can no longer imagine digital transformation of its customer experiences, business model changes and operational improvements without the shaping and formulation of effective security policies in parallel! Automation of manual processes and procedures and cohesive integrated solutions as opposed to silos go a long way[...]

Security roles continue to be in extremely high demand and straddle with Digital, due to their strong overlap with Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Social Media technologies. They have led to the emergence and definition of more niche and specialized positions than generic roles such as Security Analysts or Auditors,[...]

We are pleased to announce our participation as one of the Silver sponsors in the MAPR’s Convergence Atlanta and New York conferences. The conferences are scheduled on August 23 in Atlanta and September 20 in New York. About Convergence A full-day seminar on Big Data that focuses on busting through myths[...]