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According to Thomson Reuters, the number of tax rates changed from 787 in 2014 to 1,292 in 2016 in the USA alone, whereas the number of tax rates changed from 60 in 2014 to 171 in 2016 internationally. The number of tax rules globally changed from 772 in 2014 to 2607[...]

NLB Services is a technology, analytics and process optimization company with a focused Indirect Tax Digital Transformation practice. NLB Services has a team of tax technology experts to resolve challenges and manage tax digital transformation in the Indirect Tax Life Cycle. The Indirect Tax Life Cycle[...]

Whether a company is in the B2B or in the B2C market, reducing customer churn, particularly the customers who leave voluntarily (i.e., the good ones) is a HUGE priority. Understanding some early signals of attrition and taking appropriate actions can help companies reduce such revenue attrition. With continuous pressure on revenue growth,[...]

You don’t have to look too far to find companies that have on their list of priorities, a desire to consolidate their vendors.  Similarly, there seem to be a lot of vendors that find themselves as a target of consolidation talk from their clients.  What is interesting is that often this isn’t[...]

As Director of Client Partnering of NLB Services, I am very proud and honored to be a part of the 3Rd Annual Fund Raiser for Gwinnet Medical Foundation in Atlanta, GA on  May 24th and May 25th. NLB Services is a proud sponsor of the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for the Gwinnett[...]

Many project failure studies reflect up to a 50% failure rate on a typical project. IT projects tend to rank a little worse with some studies showing as high as a 60% failure rate. I will never forget one of my first experiences with an IT implementation of a plant floor system. One application was[...]

Digital transformations are everywhere. I was just reading CIO Magazine’s 2017 State of the CIO. CIOs report that they are spending more time on transformational and strategic activities and are spending more time with the CEO, business leaders, and Board of Directors. An often overlooked and probably less glamorous area in digital transformation is data readiness.[...]

I wanted to share a very insightful article written recently by our advisory board member, Tim Norton. The article featured in Nearshore Americas Weekly Newsletter, describes in a very simple way, the supply-demand dynamics in IT organizations. External Resourcing is an important component of this supply-demand dynamic and if done well, can generate significant value[...]