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Digital at Heart

In 2007, there was a reason we chose to abbreviate Next Level Business as our company name. Taking your business to the next level is at the very heart of our culture. Every one of our 3500+ Technology and Process Experts and 750+ Back office Crew are constantly striving to create a competitive advantage for your business through digital transformation solutions.

Customer in Mind

Our validated network of hard-to-find industry experts have been in your shoes. They know every aspect of your business, across customer experience, procurement, manufacturing, sales, service, human resources, and finance. They have seen long established companies go out of business because they had failed to innovate, and they have been a part of new-age startups that have shaken industries to the core, through technology innovation. It’s the law of the jungle out there, and they are the hunters.

Nimble in Spirit

If there is only one rule these hunters know well, it is this – adapt or die. Technology does not wait for you. It is constantly changing and the only way to keep up, is to stay ahead. Our experts will not only create a framework for change management, but will also lead your technology revolution with functional, technical, and analytical solutions, at a pace that will leave your competition behind.

Sachin Alug

Chief Executive Officer

Sachin has over 10 years experience in the global information technology and business process outsourcing industry, managing divisions and…

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Bhaskar Banerjee

President – Americas

Bhaskar has 20+ years of experience with management consulting, information technology and outsourcing companies leading strategic accounts, process innovation,…

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Nikhil Anand

Senior Vice President - Operations

Nikhil has 15+ years of diverse experience with IT services and outsourcing companies delivering projects and driving business excellence…

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Tim Norton

Advisory Board Member

Tim has 40 years of IT leadership experience with GE and UPS providing strategic management of external resourcing programs,…

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Ken Taormina

Advisory Board Member

Ken has over 40 years of experience as an operating executive and board member. In his advisory role, Ken…

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