Using social media and data analytics to mitigate security vulnerabilities

Social Media and Data Analytics to mitigate security vulnerabilities

Social media, data analytics and security can work effectively in concert to predict threats and mitigate risks. As we know from recent political and other news events, social media has become a very influential repository of data. If this data can be analyzed to predict security threats, then it is likely to be of great value to organizations and governments.

One of the obstacles researchers face in advancing machine learning or using computers to predict outcomes is the acquisition of high-quality data from which insights can be derived. It is typically costly and time consuming to obtain large data sets. However, with the emergence of the Internet and social media networks, the availability of data is less of a challenge, and large sets of data from publicly-sourced social networks are becoming more readily available. Predictive analytics algorithms and tools have also advanced in recent years. However, the point is to make such analytics actionable. Data management and security are domains where NLB Services operates, and we see the conjunction of security and analytics as an interesting space.

An example that needs to be highlighted is the new project that is kicking off at Penn State that utilizes social media data to identify potential threats.  https://news.psu.edu/story/504004/2018/02/15/research/can-social-media-data-be-used-predict-threats-or-identify-fake-news

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