Is it time to Vendor Consolidate…again?

You don’t have to look too far to find companies that have on their list of priorities, a desire to consolidate their vendors.  Similarly, there seem to be a lot of vendors that find themselves as a target of consolidation talk from their clients.  What is interesting is that often this isn’t the first time clients have had this on their minds, and it isn’t the first, nor last time, vendors will see this freight train coming.

What is it that companies find so attractive about consolidating vendors?  And for those clients that have succeeded in consolidating vendors, why does the subject come up again after what I am sure was considered a successful initiative?

NLB Services’ “Advisory and Optimization” Line of Business, can’t help but put some thought into this phenomenon. We’ll look at this from multiple points of view including the following:

-We look to explore the reasons why Vendor Consolidation is a common ‘project’ that feels like it has so many benefits yet often struggles to find traction within many company priorities.

-We’ll focus on the outcomes of Vendor Consolidation to see if all the benefits were viable and whether what was promised was actually delivered and realized.

-We want to explore what sort of circumstances and conditions existed in the controls and daily grind of the enterprise that allows for this condition to be so cyclical.

Stay tuned for more on this subject including a white-paper as well as a Webinar later this year.

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