Deploy hard-to-find talent for hard-to-solve problems with NLB Talent Experts.


We understand and recognize that while technologies evolve rapidly, a skilled and flexible workforce remains at its unwavering core to deliver value out of mainstream technologies. While Digital Transformation is the foundation of the services we provide, we deliver it through Talent Supplementation using a combination of internal resources and a validated global talent network uniquely identified and engaged across projects and placements.

We are proud of our engagements with leading corporations across the U.S. and India, helping them staff their IT needs on time, every time. Our exposure to technology and our journey with leading progressive companies has today evolved in to a practice-based approach that also serves as a platform to the Digital Transformation capabilities we offer.

Success Story

Retail Helping the Transformation To Agile Across The Company
  • A retail giant hired a $12+B system integrator (a NLB partner) to transform large number of projects to Agile methodology. The transformation required the system integrator to hire 60+ Agile experienced resources within 3 weeks including 25 senior Scrum Masters.
  • NLB immediately deployed a team of resource managers who has experience with Agile professionals. The NLB team did a combination of activities including searching NLB’s resource database of 100,000+ known talent, utilization of social media, organizing local recruiting events and conducting “Interview Days” in collaboration with client in NLB Services’ offices nationwide. NLB also carried out a rapid assessment of the talent by using its testing library.
  • NLB and its partner met the challenging timeframe and onboarded the Agile resources. Over the next 12 months, NLB worked with its partner and the retail client to transition 80+ IT projects to Agile methodology and complete the projects in a timely manner.

Our Process

End 2 End Resourcing | IT Talent Supplementation
  1. Leverage system driven talent pool – 100,000+ database of known talent.
  2. Hard-to-find niche areas are updated in talent database on real-time basis.
  3. Advanced talent search algorithms deployed.
  4. Innovative utilization of social media; organize and attend local networking/recruiting events; utilize “Speed Hiring” methodology.
  5. Conduct “Interview Days” in collaboration with client in NLB Services’ offices nationwide.
  6. 600+ recruiters – domain specific training and recruitment skills.
  1. Technical experts can conduct in-person/remote evaluation based on hiring needs and volume.
  2. Implement proprietary assessment framework – CAS (Candidate Assessment Solution), a multi-phase framework to ensure higher quality and velocity of hiring.
  3. CAS is enabled with a technology platform that has a rich library of tests to evaluate candidates in a large range of technical and business skills.
  1. Recruiters trained on specific technology areas based on market and client needs.
  2. Design and orchestrate training programs for its resources on specific technology areas where resource availability is scarce – domains such as mobility, infrastructure, security, and data analytics solutions.

Our deep talent expertise covers a wide range of IT domains

  1. Digital – Front End, Web Services and Full Stack Development
  2. Enterprise Systems – Business Analysts, Project Managers, ERP Functional and Technical Specialists
  3. Cloud, DevOps, Mobility & Security
  4. Data Analytics & Data Management
  5. Engineering Services
  6. Analytics and Reporting Back office
  7. Customer Service Professionals
  8. IT Helpdesk
  9. Social Media Analysts
  10. Healthcare Professionals – Claims Analysts, Nurses, and more.

Key Differentiators

High-performance Talent Engine

A recruitment engine coupled with technical competence

Timely Fulfilment

Expeditious turnaround time for better delivery to reduce client effort/cost

Comprehensive Coverage

International Coverage with customized solutions

Extensive Associations

Partnerships with renowned academic institutions and schools

Social Approach

Innovative use of social media and employee referrals

Talent Assessment Tools

Relevant tools to verify computer, aptitude and social media skills

Expert Delivery System

End-to-end virtual and physical talent delivery system

Our Talent Advantage

Fortune 50 Clients

1200+ Projects

Validated Global Network

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