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Where operating costs, service levels and customer satisfaction are the differentiators, we help business’ excel. Innovative technologies are fast transforming consumer expectations and intensifying competition. To be game-changers in this dynamic sphere, your business has to be a player, not a bystander. As an extension of your team, we help companies achieve customer delight by leveraging passionate, domain trained workforce coupled with proven methodology and process into providing analytical insights into your business performance at lowered costs and at a more efficient productivity level providing 24/7 365 days a year support.

Success Stories

Healthcare Responding to an Urgent Open Enrollment Project
  • A leading healthcare company with an urgent need for an Open Enrollment Project requiring a large number of people (400 associates) that needed to be completed as quickly as possible. Not only were these opportunities available in cities with a low density of population creating an acute shortage of resources but also being an urgent requirement compounded to the pressure of scarcity.
  • NLB reorganised its approach with two separate teams using communication tools to reach the candidates via social media, phone, text message, or email. NLB managed to hire more than the required number of associates and in the process also identified and hired trainers as a pre-emptive approach to the next anticipated requirement.
  • Our quick turnaround and flexibility in working with last minute changes in the assignment were appreciated by our client and the project was completed ahead of schedule, deeming it a success. 100% of the staff requirement was closed with 2 weeks (including weekends and even the mandatory screening and checks) while another 20% additional candidate profiles were closed and acted as a buffer if need be. The saved time allowed the client to manage the mandatory month-long training much earlier and thus be prepared much before time.
Media, Cable and Entertainment Solving Broad Challenges with a Focused Approach
  • A direct broadcast satellite services company was facing high OpEx, high CapEx, Low CSAT, and a lack of visibility.
  • NLB Reduced OpEx by deploying additional resources to ensure all tech support calls were answers; providing phone, chat & email support; and only escalating L2 issues.
  • We reduced CapEx with a dedicated team tracking all asset and following up with customers for returns, escalating delayed returns & repairs, and reducing unnecessary RMA’s.
  • We improved CSAT by providing phone, chat & email support which offered multiple channels of communication, along with 24-hour turnaround time and only L2 issues being escalated.
  • Finally, with 360 Reporting we provided Reporting on Tech support and all Resolution, Reporting on Asset recovery & Repairs, and Tracking & Reporting CSAT.
  • Our approach resulted in a reduced hold time of under 10 seconds, proving that every call is important to us. We reduced abandoned calls to under 3%, with 90% of abandoned calls being called back within 24 hours. We also showed NPS is on the rise.

Services Offered

Inbound/outbound and back office with the ability to provide offshore as well as onshore manpower.

  • Order Management
  • Customer and vendor helpdesk
  • 24/7 Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Billing/Invoicing/PO creation
  • Technician and Parts Dispatch
  • Returns Management
  • Entitlement and Warranty
  • Inventory Management
  • Claims Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Social Media Analysts
  • Healthcare Professionals

Key Differentiators

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