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Our extensive experience across multiple Fortune 50 companies gives us a unique perspective to offer our clients various advisory services; from IT Strategy and Business Process Optimization, to Vendor Management Services.

Success Story

Oil and Natural Gas Designing an External Resourcing Roadmap for Better Efficiency
  • The world’s largest provider of technology for drilling, production, and processing, in the Oil & Gas Industry, was executing a huge transformational ERP program. The client wanted to ensure that they had the right vendors, the right contracts, and the right strategy in place, to keep pace with the current program for years to come.
  • NLB Services provided a full ITO External Resourcing Program Assessment, working directly with the existing Vendor Management team, to review the program in detail including direct engagement with the major vendors, procurement organization and project leadership team. The Assessment included a review of the legal instruments in place, including evaluation of the terms & conditions as compared to what similar companies were enjoying.
  • The Assessment resulted in a comprehensive roadmap aligning vendors and strategies in the client’s External Resourcing Program with the overall business objectives. Numerous contracts were targeted for renegotiation to improve pricing, and terms & conditions, resulting in direct savings of more than $10 million dollars for the same services. It also maximized the influence, accountability, and empowerment of the Vendor Management operation.

We can assist you with:

  1. Evaluation and assessment of your current External Resourcing Program and Operations
  2. Guidance on cost/benefit equation for establishment of a VMO
  3. Determination and measurement of the quality of your vendor community
  4. Vendor Environment Optimization – specializing in vendor qualification and alignment, often leading to consolidation and rationalization
  5. Choosing the right work to insource vs. outsource
  6. Implementation of the best governance and change management practices
  7. Strategy and negotiation of vendor IT contracts
  8. Program management of vendor companies and resources
  9. Evaluation and determination of software and services contract quality and market alignment
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IT Strategy

Business Process Optimization | Advisory

Business Process Optimization

Vendor Management Services | Advisory

Vendor Management Services

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