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A new paradigm of career possibilities: Join a talent community accessed by leading global employers

As per HR industry analysts, hiring of pre-vetted candidates occur 60% faster than candidates who are just matched using a resume.
Join the ClearedTalent community

Stand out from other candidates by taking a brief skill test

Build credibility with prospective employers by spending just a few minutes

Take the skill test once and use it for multiple opportunities

Don’t like your skill test scores? Prepare and take the test again

ClearedTalent is helping global companies assemble a next-gen workforce

ClearedTalent is quick, effective and intuitive
Waste no time! Get pre-screened and avoid multiple rounds of interviews

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A talent community empowers recruiters to create a pipeline of active and passive candidates who are right for the job vacancy. A talent community can help any organization relieve the pressure of needing to quickly fill open positions.

A talent community is a great way to give an edge to your recruitment process and stay ahead of the curve. Through candidate relationship management software, recruitment becomes smooth and seamless since it acts as single platform to find candidate information, their skills and core competencies.

NLB’s global community of vetted tech talent is a one-of-a-kind platform for recruiters to screen candidates based purely on their skills. It offers a comprehensive candidate portfolio along with video proctored test results, video introductions and more.

As opposed to job portals, a talent community offers deeper insights into candidate profiles. It’s the best medium to gauge candidate competency as it shows employers their true strengths. The transparency and manageability it offers are unparalleled.

We are optimists who believe in a community

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