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To be able to migrate from Risk to Resilience, complex supply chains and its vulnerabilities require sophisticated, connected tools to monitor risks, anticipate and prepare for disruptions, and support strategies for quick recovery.
Today Supply chain operations must not just gear up to adopt a modern digital supply network model enabled with advanced analytical and risk management capabilities but with increasing pressure do so immediately.

Success Story

Manufacturing Eliminating Risks to Discover Rewards
  • A Food Manufacturing client did not have visibility into the supply chain risks arising from supplier ecosystem and the supply network being utilized. Risk assessments to date had not included a method to quantify cumulative risks, therefore not providing an ability to properly assess up and down stream risks.
  • NLB Services stepped in and mapped the entire supply chain. Our experts implemented custom risk tools to score risks across the entire supply chain’s serial scores, from all nodes including locations, logistics, critical ingredients, parts, and processes. We performed FMEAs across the business to validate scoring and identified high-level risks at each location. Our next step was developing plans to mitigate all high-level risks through risk acceptance, avoidance, limitation, or transfer. This entire system was built with processes to periodically re-assess risk plans and make changes when are where necessary. Our experts also implemented Enhance Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity plans to reflect the risk profile updates from the Risk Analysis
  • The system achieved scoring and optimum routes for key ingredients and top customers, with the client expanding the mandate for NLB Services to include development of a Control Tower to track and mitigate each identified supply chain risk. A testament to their trust in NLB Services as a digital transformation partner.

Streamline operations to maximize efficiency

Supply chains are comprised of a complex network of suppliers, processing facilities, storage and distribution channels. Therefore, they are vulnerable to disruptions (man-made, or natural) that could lead to negative economic consequences for the organization, and sometimes the industry as a whole.

Given the fast pace of today’s business environment, the need to address supply chain risk in a timely fashion is paramount. We will walk you through the possible risks in your supply chain and establish a system that will not only give you control over current risks, but also build an ongoing monitoring system that graphically visualises your supply chain, enabling you to minimize any adverse impact on your organization.

Supply Chain Risk Management Cycle
Supply Chain Risk Management Cycle

The failure of a single link in the chain can lead to multiple consequences.

We bring you a scalable approach for:

  • Supply chain mapping and documentation
  • Identifying hazards
  • Criticality assessment of supply chain components
  • Targeted vulnerability assessments and mitigation

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