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Inadequate use of supply chain data and multitudes of spreadsheets lead to complex, time-consuming and inefficient use of resources. NLB Services helps its clients navigate through their supply chain data to create actionable dashboards and reports that drive business decisions. Our team is skilled in using the off-shelf solutions or plain spreadsheets to get the job done efficiently.

Success Story

Logistics Optimization using Trend Analysis on Lanes/Rates
  • A Logistics major in the US with a global supply chain network was using low cost as well as GRI carriers for large accounts and merely breaking even on incumbent freight costs. Lack of rate optimization was affecting the client’s competitive edge by increasing operating costs and there was limited insights into carrier competitiveness by lanes and rates.
  • NLB developed optimization logic for lanes and rates using batch rating tools and transit databases. We also provided historical trend analysis on account/zone basis. Moreover, we forecasted future lane handling and carrier selection.
  • The client’s overall operating freight cost reduced by 15.33% and the maximum savings on Rate Discounts increased to 27.69% from a mere 4.9%. In aggregate, the Trend analysis lead to a cost saving of $900k per annum.

Our Solutions

  • KPI reports: service, cost, quality, and velocity
  • Performance trends related to carrier performance
  • Route Analysis and Network Design
  • Carrier cost analysis, price analysis
  • Automation of reports and dashboards

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