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Today, Logistics and Supply Chain operations deserve more attention. The ability to deliver products customers want, when they want them, in cost-effective ways could move logistics from expensive overhead to significant competitive differentiator. And achieving this kind of change does not require major capital investments or long lead times.

Through NLB’s consulting and outsourcing services, organizations can realize double-digit improvements in productivity and cost.  With 10+ years of domain expertise and application of six-sigma ‘lean’ principles we have helped clients re-engineer their end-to-end processes to realize top and bottom line improvements.  Our goal has always been to look at the total cost of logistics support, from labor and technology expense to the impact of customer satisfaction.  Our holistic approach coupled with our remote operations capabilities allows us to deliver solutions that are easy to implement and scalable.

Success Stories

Freight Reduced Over Payment (Freight Auditing)
  • Manual audit process resulted in over payment on overdue invoices
  • Automate carrier invoicing process
  • Team dedicated to carrier invoice validation
  • Invoice accuracy improved to 99+%
  • Manual effort reduced by 20%
Logistics Reduced the Order to Cash Flow
  • Very high percentage of ageing invoices
  • Dedicated receivables SWAT team called Carriers and extracted required documentation
  • Offer financial incentives for early invoice submission
  • 24 hour resolution on any rejected invoices
  • 209% improvement in receivables in 60 days
  • 15% improvement in timely receipt of documents
Global Express Company Reduce Order Costs
  • Our client was paying high labor costs and wasn’t able to scale with increase in orders
  • NLB identified a team of experienced transportation management resources from its pool of supply chain experts
  • NLB deployed a dedicated operations team to handle the order management process
  • Increased order capacity by 50% while reducing costs by over 30%

Supply chain optimization

Off-the-shelf solutions and multitudes of spreadsheets are often used to manage an enterprise’s supply chain leading to complex, time-consuming and inefficient use of resources.

NLB Services approaches supply chains by mapping physical transactions as well as information flows from the outset. This mapping allows the business to see the status quo, enabling it to streamline processes and eliminate existing redundancies; giving the business the ability to plan, schedule and forecast its needs in an optimal way. We also provide IT solutions within this framework that bridge custom applications to an existing material planning system.

Additionally, we provide an overall governance system that provides frameworks with KPIs, breaking down each process for real-time feedback on how each link is performing. This system helps ensure that proper corrective actions are taken when necessary and keeps the supply chain optimized for change.

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