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As technology radically evolves and transforms to allow for convenient and smooth process work-flow and transactional data-flow in highly regulated environments, so do multiple vectors and avenues of attack! The question is whether one is keeping pace and abreast of the myriad challenges in the form of ever-increasing vulnerabilities, threats and potential exploits in one’s existing ecosystem – whether it be data at rest, in transit or during a transaction.

The need of the hour is robust and best-practices-based mechanisms that bring together processes, people & technology, and that provide a well-rounded security armor protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data from the possibility of both infiltration and exfiltration. Alongside, there is the paramount need to foster and nurture security awareness among all personnel within the organization, geared toward the sustainability of their Security Program, and one that goes far and well beyond any tactical approach.

Meanwhile, manifestations of Ransomware recently have demonstrated that far too many organizations do not yet have an effective Security Program in place, or don’t take it seriously enough, until it is too late! The “Wannacry” Ransomware for instance took advantage of a vulnerability that had been patched a couple of months earlier, but many users had simply not updated their machines.

So what does it take to build a genuinely secure system in such a dynamically evolving environment? “Good-enough” security that is neither cost-prohibitive nor an impediment to business functions; one that blends processes & technology and eliminates the weakest links – a lack of constant vigilance, common sense and above all, situational awareness.

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