Have You Planned For Tax Engine Activities During ERP Upgrade?

A number of large companies have initiated major ERP overhaul such as upgrading from SAP ECC to S4 HANA. During such an upgrade, each company needs to ensure that their tax engine integration and functionality are working as expected. For example, for a S4 HANA upgrade project for a company using as Thomson Reuters OneSource solution involves activities like

  • Upgrading Native SAP RFC integration to OneSource Global Next
  • Integrating S4H to Global Next via SOA
  • Configuration in S4H to seamlessly work with Global Next
  • Configuration of OneSource Determination
  • Utility tools to mass update master data relevant for Global next reducing overall project effort

Major upgrades can be challenging as the users not only have to test basic ERP functionality but also have to make sure all integrations to bolt-on applications work smoothly. NLB Services uses a Lean framework to help its clients with these integrations specifically tax engines such as Thomson Reuters OneSource solutions or the Vertex tax engine.

NLB Services is involved in a number of S4 HANA upgrades where we are specifically assisting our clients with the integration of their OneSource tax engines with SAP HANA. If you are interested to know more about then please contact us at taxpractice@nlbservices.com

About the Author
Sushil Nema

Practice Leader, Americas, Indirect Tax Digital Transformation