Next Level Business Services (NLB Services) becomes Tax Technology Partner with Thomson Reuters to address Indirect Tax Automation challenges

NLB Services is a technology, analytics and process optimization company with a focused Indirect Tax Digital Transformation practice. NLB Services has a team of tax technology experts to resolve challenges and manage tax digital transformation in the Indirect Tax Life Cycle. The Indirect Tax Life Cycle consists of initiate transaction, determine tax, record, reconcile, and compliance. NLB Services offers Tax Automation (Integration of ERPs with ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination), Robotics Process Automation, Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to make the processes in Indirect Tax Life Cycle efficient and effective.

NLB Services provides end-to-end delivery using the Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Next Level Business Services’ biggest differentiator is people, tools, and framework that brings time-to-value and optimize cost to their clients.

About ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Automation

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax automation addresses a holistic approach to managing distinguished levels of sales and use tax and value-added tax compliance. It is a comprehensive, worldwide, and end-to-end solution that integrates in real time with finance, and various ERPs. It is designed to manage the entire Indirect Tax lifecycle, from tax determination and calculation to tax authority configuration and reporting. Along with that, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination meets reports and compliance activities such as filing returns, remittance, and audit obligations.

Its tax-content driven calculation solution covers more than 14,000 taxing jurisdictions in 170+ countries, delivering on-time monthly tax updates via SSAE 16 certified Global Tax Research processes.

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Sushil Nema
Practice Leader, Americas, Indirect Tax Digital Transformation


Carroll Mcintire
Vice President-Client Partner, Indirect Tax Digital Transformation


Lisa Turner
Director-Client Partner, Indirect Tax Digital Transformation


Patricia Banko
Director-Client Partner, Indirect Tax Digital Transformation


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