The Impact of Security in Digital Transformation

It is a given that enterprises can no longer imagine digital transformation of its customer experiences, business model changes and operational improvements without the shaping and formulation of effective security policies in parallel! Automation of manual processes and procedures and cohesive integrated solutions as opposed to silos go a long way in mitigating overall security risk – from the endpoint/IoT to multi-cloud security and everything in between! This level of preparedness will result in enhanced compliance, and a reduced possibility of data loss or outages even in the event of a breach! One other key element is the necessity to share threat intelligence across the organization and among others as well, and learn from each other’s experiences.

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A combination of looming Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), rapid iterative and incremental development with no time for Security checks (Agile/DevOps), and the lack of a single-pane dashboard to visualize critical aspects of the enterprise network, applications and data have put roadblocks in the digital journey for many an enterprise, and have exacerbated the business impact! Add to that, increased privacy protection requirements and more regulatory and industry compliances due to the sophistication and myriad avenues of attack resulting in a greater need to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within customer data.

NLB Services is at the intersection of Security and Digital Transformation, and provides Security best practices consulting and Advisory services to bridge these gaps in order to make your digital transformation journey much smoother.

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