How well do you know your Security posture?

Regulations and Compliance have together placed a demand of large expenditure of time and money, and have unfortunately set back organizations from focusing on their core business functions. Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where sophisticated and automated software tools can perform enhanced assessments of the current enterprise landscape faster, with more accurate actionable information, and utilizing fewer resources.

IT Operations for commercial and government enterprises are continually experiencing new challenges that impact their cyber security stance at an operational level. IT organizations are dealing with the ever-changing requirements of Business Units on IT systems to get more responsive to consumers, demanding system changes from months to response times in days. In the meantime, the ever-evolving demands of incorporating and responding to disruptive technologies to improve interaction with the customer and improving IT operational cost is making security more complicated and riskier. Mobility, Cloud, and IoT are some of these disruptions that have extended the boundaries of the enterprise and have introduced unforeseen risks to IT Operations. They each impact the enterprise approach in addressing their Risk Management Framework.

Cyber situational awareness and prioritized remediation-planning determine the timelines, cost effectiveness, and success in improving operational cybersecurity. Mission success depends upon understanding the evolving and dynamically changing computer networks, which are vulnerable to diverse vectors of attack due to the interconnectedness. Today, cyber defense capabilities are limited in many ways, such as inaccurate and incomplete vulnerability analysis, failure to adapt to evolving networks and attacks, inability to transform raw data into cyber intelligence, and the inability to handle anomalous data.

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