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This is ERP for the digital age. NLB Services will ensure quick implementation, the latest upgrades, relevant modifications, and seamless integration, are achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Success Stories

Manufacturing Cutting Cycle Time and Costs Without Cutting Corners
  • An Industrial Equipment Manufacturer using SAP as its core ERP wanted to improve its Order Management Cycle. The area of focus was to get products from its global network of suppliers into its warehouses without significant delay and reduce unnecessary cost.
    • NLB Services developed a process map based on Lean methodology to identify: 1. Manual steps that can be automated 2. A few process steps that can be entirely eliminated NLB’s team of SAP experts were then deployed to design, develop, and test the necessary automation and integration.
  • Once the process and SAP changes were implemented, the order cycle was reduced by 3 days and the annual reduction in logistics cost was estimated to be 7%
Logistics Keeping Promises by Keeping Delivery Dates
  • A major Logistics Company wanted to process customer orders by receiving them by EDI and shipping them out of its warehouses.
  • NLB Services implemented and integrated Oracle Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Oracle Inventory, Oracle Purchasing and a 3rd party WMS solution, and continued to offer support after go-live. End customer orders were integrated into Oracle using EDI and customizations were developed to handle complex business rules with orders with large number of lines.
  • The client can now accurately commit a “promise date” to the end customer, based on inventory levels, lead times and business rules. The solution also provided a scalable model for growth of the client’s business.
Food Processing Fixing Payroll by Fixing Responsibilities
  • A food industry client wanted to fix a number of issues with their payroll process and implement them in Infor Lawson HR/Payroll applications. This required a committed partner who would work closely with the global HR teams, payroll teams, HRIS team and the Business Technology Services team.
  • NLB Services worked closely with the various departments, performed a six-sigma workshops and translated business process models into technical requirements. The project required integration and development in Oracle ERP, Infor Lawson and Kronos applications. NLB also managed support/troubleshooting after go-live.
  • Payroll completion time was reduced by 1 day and payroll errors were reduced by 22%. The solution also provided the client with the infrastructure to add new plants as they grow.

The Foundation of your Digital Transformation Journey

Enterprise systems are the very foundation of your digital transformation journey. It’s imperative that your transformation partner understands your short-term and long-term goals. This is also true for companies that already have a bare-bones ERP system in place.

Our Digital Transformation Experts will modernize your redundant systems to meet the challenges of the digital economy through Cloud or On-Premise ERP Solutions. NLB Services will help you achieve your business goals by creating real competitive advantage.

We can help you

Design scalable solutions for growth | ERP CRM Implementation

Design scalable solutions for growth

Integrate seamlessly across different applications & partner channels | ERP & CRM

Integrate seamlessly across different applications & partner channels

Bring subject matter experts to deliver in a cost-effective manner | Enterprise Systems

Bring subject matter experts to deliver in a cost-effective manner

Major Areas of Expertise

  • OracleNetsuite
  • Microsoft-Dynamics
  • Infor
  • SAP
  • Salesforce

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