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A business finds success on the foundation of a few integral tools, and information is one of them. Although many companies now recognize the need to collect more data, the imperative next step that follows data mining is retrieving value from it efficiently. Enormous amounts of data can prove inessential if there is an inability to manage it and analyze it for relevant insights. NLB Services accelerates the journey of our clients – from data to decisions, enabling real-time, enhanced, and hyper-efficient business outcomes.

Success Story

Food Processing Driving Change by Driving Costs Down
  • The food industry is often vertically integrated and rigorous management of cost is not only important for a food company but also to its customers. A food industry client who purchases thousands of ingredients need a solution to identify their cost drivers and a way to manage them on an on-going basis. Without proper control, the client and its customers had no way to identify and act proactively on inflationary trends before it’s too late.
  • NLB Services analyzed the historical invoice and supplier data and identified some of the key drivers of inflation. The next step was to design a solution to proactively identify these drivers and act on them on an on-going basis. NLB developed a technology-based portal that will utilize the analytical algorithms and identify specific supplier/invoice situations contributing to inflation. The inflation items are then displayed in a “Control Tower” where they could be tracked and managed.
  • Actionable insights on cost inflation are now provided on a regular basis to the client’s procurement team. In an environment where purchasing is distributed, the “Control Tower” approach has given the client a tool to manage inflation. In a very short time (3 months), 100+ inflationary situations have been identified and many of them acted on resulting in substantial savings.

Customer Data To Revenue

The overall goal today for companies is to learn everything they can about their existing customers and potential customers. Companies have access to zettabytes of information and it truly is their most valuable resource. However, the amount of data coupled with the numbers of sources and various formats can be overwhelming. Just having the data doesn’t automatically bring your customer of today and tomorrow into focus.

NLB utilizes traditional tools and methods combined with leading edge tools, methodology and experience across platforms to bring forward world class architecture.

Combining real-time transactions and historical trends to evaluate transformation and adaptive experiences drives effective data intelligence. Utilizing agile analytics, we provide comprehensive analytics across multiple platforms and systems.

NLB Services can help you prepare, scrub and organize your data no matter the source, including: a companies own organization and customer base, IOT devices, Mobile Media, the web, and many other customer touch points.

  • Analyze the historical information you have currently to analyze what happened in the past
  • Help you predict what you think might happen as of today’s information
  • Suggest decision options for the future
  • Help you use structured & unstructured data and sentiment analytics to learn about your customer of today and tomorrow and what more you can learn

Let NLB help you bring your customer into complete focus and take your business to the Next Level.

Our Approach

Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics

Combining the principles of both data analytics and management with a basis of data science and statistics, we employ high-end technology to provide visualized outputs. We do this by keeping these key aspects of data sciences in mind:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management & Integration
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Quality

We bring three disciplines together to provide a holistic solution.

Data Science

Data Science

Data Integration & Management

Data Integration & Management

Business Processes

Business Processes

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