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Managing Indirect Tax Reforms

Battling with earnings while dealing with constant changes has become a permanent feature of the Goods and Services (GST) tax in India. Even after crossing the one-year mark, the GST policies in India, for instance, has been modified multiple times, the latest being on 22 December 2018. Clients and[...]

Don’t settle for good enough.

Don't let "good enough" be the enemy of "good." One of the areas in which we have begun engaging clients is with the assessment of whether they are actually taking full advantage of the tax determination software they already have installed. In the haste to meet project deadlines or to simply[...]

Wayfair Decision: How will you manage your Sales Tax Compliance?

A guide to moving forward with the impact of the US Supreme Court's decision in Wayfair. We're largely all in the same boat on this one, we know something big will happen as a function of overturning a 50 year old precedent defining the rules of engagement on sales tax, but[...]