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Advanced Security Analytics for digital enterprises

My previous blog on Advanced Security Analytics dwelled on a compelling business case for it. Please refer Making the case for Advanced Security Analytics This sequel goes a couple of levels deeper and discusses why such a platform is extremely potent in addressing holistic cyber security challenges in today’s highly[...]

Driving Sales Revenue using Basket Analysis in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

How many times have you rushed to grab a cup of fresh brew after you just got out of a morning flight in an airport, or on your way to your morning flight for that matter? I mean, think about it, there are options all around whether you[...]

Do you have tight control on your spend inflation?

Visibility to spend is important for companies to have a good understanding of their costs. Most spend reporting looks at past data and provides various slice and dice of historical spend data. While such reporting is useful, it does not provide a tool to identify specific drivers of inflation and act[...]

Reducing customer attrition by actionable data science

Whether a company is in the B2B or in the B2C market, reducing customer churn, particularly the customers who leave voluntarily (i.e., the good ones) is a HUGE priority. Understanding some early signals of attrition and taking appropriate actions can help companies reduce such revenue attrition. With continuous pressure on revenue growth,[...]