Automation of Security Assessments: What’s in it for you?

Most organizations have NOT automated their Security assessments. Unless one relies on playing “whack-a-mole” using one’s log manager, assessments are where remediation planning begins. Without automation, one’s planning process is delayed and the overall security may be compromised.

Here are five reasons why you should automate your security control assessments:

  • Security threats are materializing at an accelerated pace
  • Automation can yield actionable information about security control defects (i.e. the absence or failure of a control) and this information can be invaluable
  • Breaches can be responded to before any vulnerabilities are exploited
  • Overall, cyber efforts can be less expensive and less human resource-intensive than manual procedural testing
  • Realized savings can free up resources to be used in other activities, for example, investing in additional safeguards or countermeasures, or responding to security defects and incidents in a more timely manner

If you have not yet automated your assessments, do reach out to us.  Protect better. Save time. Save money.

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