Bhaskar Banerjee, Author at NLB Services

Supply Chain Data Analytics Need to Prescribe Actions

Supply chain management is an integral part of businesses and plays a key role in making or breaking an organization in today’s hyperconnected world. On the one hand, where supply chain management helps in reducing the operating costs and improving financial position, on the other, it boosts what is known as ‘customer[...]

NLB Services @ Disruptive Technologies seminar at Georgia Tech

We are proud to be part of the “Disruptive Technologies: Implications for Global Workforce and Markets” seminar at Georgia Tech on April 4th 2018. The seminar, organized by Georgia Tech and UIBS, hosted three thought provoking panel discussions on disruptive technologies. Arvind Benegal (Benny), NLB’s Digital & Security Practice Leader moderated[...]

Using social media and data analytics to mitigate security vulnerabilities

Social media, data analytics and security can work effectively in concert to predict threats and mitigate risks. As we know from recent political and other news events, social media has become a very influential repository of data. If this data can be analyzed to predict security threats, then it is likely[...]

Do you have tight control on your spend inflation?

Visibility to spend is important for companies to have a good understanding of their costs. Most spend reporting looks at past data and provides various slice and dice of historical spend data. While such reporting is useful, it does not provide a tool to identify specific drivers of inflation and act[...]

Reducing customer attrition by actionable data science

Whether a company is in the B2B or in the B2C market, reducing customer churn, particularly the customers who leave voluntarily (i.e., the good ones) is a HUGE priority. Understanding some early signals of attrition and taking appropriate actions can help companies reduce such revenue attrition. With continuous pressure on revenue growth,[...]