The Impending Need to Invest in Advanced Cyber Security

Almost all organizations boast an active digital marketplace today, which makes data integrity a matter of grave concern. With a sharp increase in cybercrime cases and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) compounding their attacks, organizations can no longer ignore the rising threat of unforeseen cyber attacks and data security breaches in the future. Enterprises need to implement effective security measures and invest in cutting-edge technology that mitigates the risks of cyberattacks. However, a majority of existing cybersecurity solutions will be of no significance a few years down the line.

As per a special report by Cybercrime magazine, cybercrime is expected to cause damage of around $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025. When your customer data is at risk, relying solely on AI-powered software for protection might not be the best strategy. Technology has its limitations and cybercriminals smartly find a way through security measures via sophisticated attacks that don’t appear as anomalies. To overcome this, companies require a team of cyber experts to monitor online threats in real-time. Having said that, there’s a massive shortage of 3.5 Million capable and qualified cybersecurity personnel.

Analysis and combating real-time threats need advanced survival abilities for protection against unidentified and identified sources. The need of the hour is extensible solutions that cater to the ever-growing digital enterprise and its modern needs. According to the CISO of an established media company in the US, “We don’t need yet another solution. We need something that allows us to reduce the number of dashboards we look at.” Often, the operational challenge faced by large enterprises with 20-40 running solutions is inadequacy in detecting a complex security breach. 

Next-gen security analytics and intelligence platforms provide virtual assistance to security analysts to identify potential threats in real-time. This process saves time, money and energy by ruling out the possibility of false positives in no time, providing real-time assistance to the entire network, and detecting the root cause alongside raising a red flag for potential risks and threats lurking in the future. 

Real-time threat detection and faster risk mitigation

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and are taking steps that often leave traditional security measures incompetent to spot the next threat. It has, therefore, become imperative to invest in Advanced Security Analytics platforms that help collect data from different channels and provide a narrative solution that leverages contextual and behavioral insights. These platforms can also help companies perceive more credible threats and minimize the probability of being misled by false positives. 

These solutions are powered by AI and ML and self-learn from previous experiences to design a strong and inclusive security infrastructure. They not only reduce effort but also are cost-savvy for businesses to implement.

With a host of security solutions available, an average business is unable to bind its ecosystem, leaving scope for security breaches. These advanced, comprehensive security solutions enable companies to centrally manage and control their security network, simplifying the task of security analysts.

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