NLB Services teams up with threat intelligence expert RANK Software to deliver next-generation cybersecurity solutions

HQ, Mar 4, 2019- NLB Services Inc. an Atlanta based enterprise specializing in Consulting, Analytics and Business Optimization has partnered with security analytics and threat intelligence experts, RANK Software, to take proactive action against problems arising from cyber threats.

With the growing complexity and pace of cyber breaches, small and medium-sized enterprises are getting massively affected. RANK and NLB have tackled this by combining NLB’s expertise in providing leading Security Services along with RANK’s Virtual Advisor to Security Analysts (VASA), which is an AI-based threat detection platform designed to provide real-time threat hunting capabilities. NLB and RANK’s proficiency will be highly focussed on creating next generation Security Operations Centers and advance the development of VASA.

With VASA, security threats can be identified and prevented in real-time by ingesting data from network sources and identifying anomalies for security analysts to review. Through Active Learning, Enterprise Scale, Contextualization and Flexible Architecture, RANK & VASA address the challenges of identifying internal and unknown threats

Commenting on the latest partnership, Bhaskar Banerjee, President of North America, NLB Services, said “The cybersecurity landscape continues to increase in severity and sophistication. VASA enables customers to take proactive action against threats. Combined with our expertise in service delivery, we are excited to offer our clients this solution as a way to improve their security posture against a rising tide of possible threats.”

About NLB Services

NLB Services | Digital TransformationAs a fast growing consulting, technology and business process services company, NLB Services has helped companies embrace process and digital transformation since its inception in 2007. NLB Services not only brings the framework for change management to the table, but also provides functional, technical and analytics talent to its clients. NLB Services is at the intersection of Security and Digital Transformation which provides the best security practices in Consulting & Advisory services in order to bridge the gaps of your digital transformation journey.

About Rank Software

Rank SoftwareRANK Software is an AI based security analytics and threat intelligence platform which specializes in delivering cybersecurity solutions. RANK operates on overcoming challenges of batch analytics by delivering context to data and focuses on data fidelity.

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