NLB Services and Red Lambda partner to deliver Cyber Mitigation technology solution, MetaGridTM

Atlanta, GA – January 14, 2018

NLB Services Inc. has recently announced its partnership with Red Lambda, a pioneer in detecting and tackling cyber risks. Through this association, Red Lambda will bring MetaGridTM to NLB’s clients which will leverage its extensive global network of integration and implementation experts to deliver MetaGridTM to large enterprise and government clients worldwide. This powerful technology will enhance rapid ingestion, correlation, clustering, and analysis of vast amounts network operational data. It then identifies, scores, and prioritizes operational risk and presents this information using interactive dashboards and data visualizations that facilitate rapid investigation and comprehensive understanding of risk.

Commenting on this partnership, Bhaskar Banerjee, President of North America, NLB Services said “As an organization dedicated to identifying and implementing best-in-class technology to expand our offering, we recognize MetaGrid as an innovative, breakthrough solution. We are thrilled to be able to bring such powerful technology to our global clients through this partnership to help them dramatically reduce digital risk and exposure and look forward to working with the entire Red Lambda team.”

About NLB Services

NLB ServicesAs a fast growing consulting, technology and business process services company, NLB Services has helped companies embrace process and digital transformation since its inception in 2007. NLB Services not only brings the framework for change management to the table but also ability to execute by providing the functional, technical and analytics talent to its clients. NLB Services is at the intersection of Security and Digital Transformation, and provides Security best practices consulting and Advisory services to bridge these gaps in order to make your digital transformation journey much smoother.

About Red Lambda

Red LambdaRed Lambda is the creator of MetaGridTM, the cyber security solution that sees risk. Through patented technology and powerful, easy-to-understand dashboards and visualizations, MetaGrid rapidly identifies, prioritizes and scores high-risk incidents as they are occurring so businesses and government organizations can neutralize them with surgical precision immediately, well before they impact the organization. MetaGrid strengthens and enhances your security posture without replacing current systems, cutting through false positives to surface real risk. As the next evolution in cyber security, MetaGrid empowers organizations to guard their information assets, preserve their reputations, protect their brands and ensure business continuity.

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