August 2021 - NLB Services

The Next Generation for Mortgage Business – To Deliver The Optimum Borrower Experience

The Mortgage lender services are undergoing great Technology Transformations. Technology teams are embracing this despite the challenging environment. Among the many financial sectors, Mortgage is one industry that is more dynamic than all others.  In my view, Technology is not the only ingredient to business[...]

Driving Business Growth with Strategic Digital Displacement

Digital transformation has had its share of hits and misses over the last decade or so. It has evolved from an over-the-top investment agenda to a research-based strategic investment to attain maximum ROI and uber customer experience (CX).  While organizations were already capturing the opportunities created by modern technologies, such[...]

The Role of Social Media in Talent Acquisition

In today’s digital age, screening résumés and conducting interviews is not enough to recruit quality candidates. Also, the traditional method of putting out job vacancies and waiting for candidates to contact you is a fading trend in most industries. As recruiters compete to hire top talent, it has become increasingly[...]

Fintech: A Peek Into The Post-Covid Future

Even before the pandemic, many economies were struggling and were unable to reach their goals. Access to funding was already limited to fintech, and COVID 19 has placed further stress, pushing them towards an uncertain future. In addition, there are rate cuts that have changed the outlook of economies. But[...]